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Frequently asked questions

Why Synergy School Radio?

There are many factors to consider when buying radio studio for a school.  We have over 30 years experience designing, manufacturing, supplying and training both commercial and school radio stations.

Read our top ten reasons to choose Synergy School Radio.

What training and support can I expect?

Synergy School Radio takes huge pride in the support it offers to schools.  Unique to Synergy School Radio is that our training is delivered by teaching professionals - all of whom use our technology in their schools and colleges.  These trainers all have a past career working for the BBC in radio.

Because we are the only UK company to both design and manufacture our radio packages software, hardware and furniture you always speak directly to the manufacture and we include lifetime support.

Our lifetime support includes phone, email and remote help where we can dial into your radio studio's PC to check settings and fix any issues over the internet.

In addition, all schools receive FREE lifetime software updates.  There is no support contract to purchase and no need to spend hundreds of pounds each year to keep your system updated and supported.

For more information, visit our dedicated support page.

Do I need a license to broadcast?

If you plan to play copyright music on your radio station, then you will need additional licenses to the PRS and PPL license administered by CEFM.

Different licenses exist depending on where and how you want to broadcast.  There are licenses for just within the school, for on-line and also for FM/AM transmission.  Different licenses for online streaming also exist depending on whether or not your broadcast is live or pre-recorded.

For more information, visit our dedicated licenses page.

How does the radio station broadcast?

Can the software be installed on other PCs so that pupils can prepare content away from the radio studio?

Yes!  The S-Radio and Synergy software is licensed using a USB security dongle.  When you purchase an additional license with dongle, you can install the software onto other PCs as required.  Just plug the USB security dongle into the computer you want to use.

More USB security dongles with license keys can be purchased if you need multiple PC's to run the software at the same time.

There are many ways that a radio station can be broadcast to your listeners, here are the most popular:

• Pre-record your shows and share as an mp3.

• Stream a live show within your schools network so computers and mobile devices can connect.

• Stream to the internet for the whole world to connect.

• Broadcast via FM or AM

For more information, visit our broadcast page.

Who uses Synergy?

Can I book a demonstration?

Yes!  Synergy School Radio have spent over 30 years developing its range of products and services.   We know what it takes to make radio simple for a school and why the equipment and support you choose is fundamental to the success of your project.

We encourage all schools planning a radio project to have a demonstration of our products and to discuss the possible challenges and amazing curricular and extra curricular opportunities that exist.

On-site demonstrations are free of charge, without obligation and are a great first step to beginning a radio project.

Book your free demonstration here

There are over 500 Synergy and S-Radio users world-wide.  These include state broadcasters, private radio stations and networks, community, prison and educational institutions.

In the UK at least three companies making programmes for the BBC use Synergy.

One out of every two school radio stations in the UK uses Synergy or S-Radio, making us market leaders in this sector.

Over 50 universities and FE colleges use Synergy or S-Radio to deliver ncfe, A'level, BTEC, degree and masters qualifications.

Synergy remains the ONLY product (worldwide) which combines the functionality of a digital mixer with a suite of integrated software tools, and this approach is why Synergy has been so successful with both novices and seasoned professionals.

Fully embracing the benefits of touch-technology, Synergy offers an unrivalled user experience – an incredibly easy to use solution with surprisingly sophisticated functionality for those who need it.


For over 30 years Clyde has been a leading System Integrator providing complex solutions for the UK’s leading broadcasters – Classic FM, Absolute Radio, Global Radio, Bauer Radio, GMG Radio and so on.


The experienced gained through installing equipment and systems for these organisations led directly to the development of Synergy.


Whilst many companies selling into the school radio sector claim to have supplied equipment to  ‘pro-users’, not one of the broadcasters listed above use playout solutions which are sold into schools  – the level of sophistication demanded by such users would make it almost impossible for use in a school environment.

Can pre-recorded shows be broadcast unattended?

Yes!  all of our radio packages enable a live show to be recorded, saved and scheduled to playout automatically.

Recorded files can be set to broadcast once, daily, weekly, monthly or every set number of days.

What's more, while a pre-recorded show is being broadcast around your schools network or to the internet, pupils can still use the radio station as usual to make recordings and plan their future shows.