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Broadcasting to your listeners

All of our radio packages are compatible with the following methods of broadcast, many of which require no additional cost.

Please note: Broadcasting copyright music from your radio studio will require additional music licenses.

For more information and costs on licenses, visit our licenses page

How does the radio station broadcast?

Pre-record then share your radio shows

On Air, the playout software included with all radio packages has been specifically designed to make recording simple.

At the touch of a button the 'Quick Record' feature enables you to record an entire show or just short clips of audio, such as an interview.

The recorded files can be placed into On Air's playlist for broadcast or exported as an mp3.  Mp3 files can be shared on a local network or uploaded to a free podcast service such as

Our radio packages design enable mp3 files to be broadcast unattended.  Pre-recorded files can be scheduled to play once, daily, weekly, monthly or every set number of days.

The above can be achieved without disruption to the On Air software.  This means that pre-recorded shows can be streamed via a network while pupils use On Air to prepare and record future audio.

Stream within your network or to the web

Streaming is a great way to broadcast your radio station and all of our radio packages include an integrated streaming solution.

Simply connect the radio stations PC to your network using an ethernet cable, give the PC a static IP address and the streaming software will do the rest.

Computers and mobile devices on the same network will be able to connect to your local stream using a web-browser or music application such as iTunes or Windows Media player.

For more information about streaming, visit our streaming page.

Connect to a PA or speaker system

One of the most popular and practical ways to broadcast a radio show at break and lunchtimes is to connect your radio station to speakers.

Speakers can be located in corridors, atriums, classrooms, canteen areas and also outside spaces.

For more information about speaker installations and costs, visit our PA and speaker page

Broadcast over the airwaves on FM or AM

If you plan to eventually broadcast on FM or AM, all of our radio studio packages are compatible with transmission equipment that can be hired or purchased.

We can assis you with the license application, the equipment you will require and the training you will need to make for a successful RSL (Restricted Service License).

More information and RSL licenses can be found on our licenses page