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We recommend that trainees meet as a group to discuss the "pre-training guide" before your training is delivered.  This will set-the-scene for the training and encourage delegates to plan the direction of their project.

The S-Radio one day training will focus largely on the 'On Air' software and S-Radio hardware.  These are the main operations used by the presenter to broadcast and record their show.

There are two separate, more administrative modules; Production and Scheduling.  Because of time limitations, the On Air module is the most focussed on, with only the key operations of Production and Scheduling covered.  This is sufficient to use the radio station to carryout common tasks, most used by school radio stations.

What are the training objectives?

Should I prepare anything in advance of the training?

One days training is required if your school has purchased an S-Radio package.  Two days are required for all Synergy systems.

Radio workshop days with pupils and additional training days can be purchased separately.

How long will the training last?

This isn't advised. The training is designed to last the full day and won't see much benefit from popping in and out.  It can also disrupt the flow of the training.

Can staff pop in for half a hour?

Anyone can attend the training.  The most successful school radio projects are those with enthusiastic staff and pupils.

Identifying a lead teacher or teachers to manage the radio project will be helpful.  Good organisational skills, enthusiasm and team work are more important that IT abilities.

Which staff should attend the training?

All of our trainers are ex-BBC broadcasters who now teach radio production and media courses in FE colleges and universities.  With many years experience as radio presenters and each with over a decade of teaching experience, we believe that our training is amongst the highest in the UK.

Our trainers have helped around 400 schools to start a radio project from primary and secondary schools to colleges and universities.

All of our trainers hold Advanced CRB or Disclosure Scotland certificates.

Starting a radio project will require the input and views of many people.  We recommend that up to five people attend the training.  Initial training is for staff, not pupils.  The training is very hands-on so in order for everyone to participate, the preferred maximun is five.

Who will be my trainer?

How many people can attend the training?


Our trainer will bring all the tools required to install your radio package.  Please be advised that if you have purchased a Telephone Balance Unit as part of your package (these are included with the S-Radio Compact Premium, S-Radio Studio Premium and Synergy Bronze Premium packages) a analogue telephone socket will be required to connect the telephone hybrid.

If the school has a Network manager on site, it will be beneficial to ask them if they can give the PC a static IP address and and enable internet access.  An internet connection will be required for Clyde Broadcasts support staff to access your system remotely, should you require any suport in the future.  Configuring a static IP address will enable the radio studio to stream to connected PC's and mobile devices within the school.

Does our school need to provide anything for the installation?

Unless otherwise arranged, your trainer will install you radio package.

The installation will usually be carried out on the morning of your training.  Our trainer will arrive at 8:30am to build your package.  Please be advised that trainees should be ready to start the training between 9:30am - 10:00am.

The installation of the S-Radio Desktop Premium, S-Radio Compact, Compact Premium, Synergy Compact and Synergy Portable will only require 30 minutes so the training can start earlier.

Training usually finishes between 3:00am and 4:00pm

Who will carry out the installation and how long will it take?


Depending on the radio package you have ordered, the goods will be delivered on a single pallet via a tail lift.  The delivery will be deposited at your Goods Inward or Reception area for forward movement.

Your order wil be packed on a single pallet and can either be moved as a whole using a pallet truck, or if one if not available the packaging can be removed and individual items hand carried.

Please be advised that school staff should not try to wire or construct the individual elements of the radio studio.  The installation and construction of the radio package will be carried out by our trainer.

How will my order be delivered?

Most radio packages are delivered within 4-6 weeks from order.

Once we have received your order, we will review it then send you a confirmation email.   This will include an estimated delivery date.

At this point, you will also receive:

                                                       • Login details to our support site with access to video tutorials, manuals and the Essentials Collection

                                                       • Pre-delivery and pre-training guides

                                                       • A training calendar login to choose your preferred training dates.

Once your order is ready to ship, our factory will contact you to agree the delivery day.

How long will my order take to ship?


Delivery, installation & training