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Radio Training Resources

For many years, Synergy School Radio has set the standard of training and support for school radio packages.  All of our radio studio packages include on-site training with FREE life-time technical support.  In addition, Synergy School Radio customers receive FREE life-time access to our dedicated training and support website, including The Essentials Collection of training materials.

The Essentials Collection is FREE to all existing and new Synergy School Radio Customers

The Essentials Collection

Pre-training Guide

Before your radio package is delivered, you will be sent a Pre-training Guide.

The Pre-training Guide is intended to be shared with all members of staff who will take part in the radio project.  Whether operating the equipment or helping pupils to create scripts, the Pre-training Guide explains the reasons behind starting a school radio project and answers many of the commonly asked questions when starting a radio project.

Discussing this guide before the training will ensure the whole school are behind the radio station and enable you to begin planning its introduction.

Introducing radio to your pupils

Key to the success of your radio project will be the introduction and recruitment of pupils to your radio station.

This fun lesson plan is designed to introduce radio to a class of pupils.  Working in teams, pupils are set tasks, challenging their existing knowledge of radio.

Following the lesson, each group will have decided upon their own station name, a station slogan, created a station logo and be able to present to the rest of the class facts and figures about their peer listening audience.

This activity will help your school to build a radio station that serves its listening audience.  This document is essential for any radio station, school, community or commercial.  Knowing your listening audience and delivering what you believe they want will ensure your radio station is a success for many years to come.

This complete scheme-of-work is designed to help your school build their first radio show.

Working in teams, a class of up to 25 pupils will create news, interviews, radio dramas, competitions, presenter links, adverts and did you know? features.

The materials include worksheets for each of the features including a Task Sheet, Examples Sheet and Teachers Resources Sheet.

Simply pick a theme or topic for your radio show and set the groups to work!

Build your first radio show