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Top Ten Reasons for choosing Synergy School Radio

1. Over 35 years experience

Synergy School Radio is the education division within Clyde Broadcast.

Established in 1980, Clyde Broadcast is the only radio company (worldwide) to both design and manufacture radio broadcast hardware, software and furniture.

1 in 2 UK school radio stations is a Synergy or S-Radio System.

As well as manufacturing our own analogue and digital audio products, we have access to all leading makes of equipment and can tailor solutions to meet specific customer requirements.

Clyde Broadcast have created the systems designed for every national commercial radio station in the UK and at least three Synergy systems are used to make content for the BBC.

Our offices are based within the first Scottish radio station ever to be awarded a commercial license by OFCOM - Radio Clyde.  And we operate from locations in Glasgow, Northampton and Winchester.

Some of our commercial customers include:

2. Designed for purpose

The key to making radio a success within a school is to design a technology that is fit for purpose, coupled with great training and support.

We don't supply the same products to education as we do our commercial clients as the level of sophistication demanded by such users would make it almost impossible for use within a school and would require extremely high levels of training and support.

Synergy School Radio Packages are the ONLY system where the hardware, software and furniture is both designed and manufactured by the same company.

This unique approach to designing a radio studio makes sure that there is no 'passing the buck' between suppliers in a few years time, the hardware is fully integrated with the software resulting in an easier to use and ultimately more robust product.

3. Training - as good as it gets!

For over 10 years, Synergy School Radio has revolutionised radio training for schools.  Our approach is to employ teachers to develop and deliver school radio training on our products.

All Synergy School Radio trainers are ex-professional broadcasters with a wealth of industry knowledge and a thriving passion for education.  Our trainers work in a classroom environment three days a week delivering radio production and media qualifications at further education colleges and universities.  Two days a week they are in schools training our newest customers.

So passionate about education and radio, one trainer having taught media for over 14 years recently completed a masterd degree submitting his dissertation on 'The benefits of using radio within primary and secondary education'

As teachers, all of our trainers are advance CRB or Disclosure Scotland checked.

4. Support materials

In addition to equipment training included with all of our radio packages, Synergy School Radio customers also receive free access to a dedicated support and training website.

The website includes video tutorials, getting started materials, product faq's, manuals and guides.

The Essentials Collection takes our training one step further.  Developed through a partnership between Synergy School Radio, UK teaching professionals and industry radio broadcasters, this collection of materials includes everything your school will need to plan your radio station.  In addition the materials include illustrated schemes of work to building radio shows with a class of pupils.

5. Lifetime software updates

One of the biggest issues for school starting a radio project is funding.  Imagine if just one year after starting your radio project you had to pay hundreds of pounds to keep your software updated.

Because we develop our software in-house, Synergy School Radio customers are not tied in to the same software licensing associated with many commercial software applications.

What's more, as your project develops, Synergy customers are able to upgrade from Synergy Professional to Synergy Enterprise free of charge - taking your radio station to commercial heights!

Find out more about Synergy Enterprise here

6. Lifetime technical support

As the manufacturer, we offer the highest levels of support, not just for our software but also for our hardware, furniture and peripheral equipment included with each radio package.  All Synergy School Radio customers receive lifetime technical support.

Our support includes phone, email and remote diagnostics of your radio studio if it is connected to the internet.

Our dedicated support team are available 9am - 5PM, Monday - Friday.

7. Ease of use

S-Radio and Synergy Radio packages are some of the simplest yet most feature rich systems ever designed for radio broadcast.

Being same brand technologies, the software can be controlled via the touch-screen, mixer or keyboard and mouse.  Playlist faders on the mixer are able to start and stop music tracks on the software without the need of an added keyboard.

The ergonomic design of S-Radio and Synergy systems keeps everything central to the presenter, making it easy to use.

8. Something for everyone

We understand that schools and colleges vary enormously through the UK.  Some radio projects are planned as part of a new build, for other all that is required is a small studio to setup on a classroom table.

Synergy School Radio offers a wide range of radio studio packages, so there is something suitable for everyone.

9. Custom design

Are you looking to create something unique?  Perhaps you have an unusually shaped room and our standard package furniture doesn't meet your requirements?

Fortunately, we design and manufacture all of our furniture so if you are looking for the ultimate wow factor, just let us know.

Our in-house CAD designers, fabrication and joiners have designed and created furniture for many of the top UK commercial radio stations and always enjoy a challenge!

We are also able to work with and advise architects looking to create a media/radio space in design, layout and implementation of a radio build.

10. School radio station of the year!

Every year Arquiva run a school radio award in association with Sony.  In 2013, Stainburn School in Cumbria won first prize for their student radio station.

Stainburn have use a Synergy School Radio system since 2009 and are now looking to broadcast over FM.

Why Synergy School Radio?