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Glasgow Caledonian University use a Synergy radio station supplied by Clyde Broadcast/Synergy School Radio.   Les Johnstone from the university says "Synergy is used extensively on our Media and Journalism courses which have become so successful since their introduction, that we are installing a second Synergy Radio Studio to accommodate the increase in pupil numbers!"

Les goes on to say:

"We chose this system over others for several reasons – The software and hardware are industry standards meaning our students get trained on the systems they will use either on placement or when they start working in the industry.

It gives our pupils the best possible start in their media career - This is what employers are looking for. The first system was supplied and installed by Clyde Broadcast and has worked faultlessly since 2009.

Buying a turnkey system means it's up and running in just a few days and operation of the system can be taught and learned very quickly. Our Synergy radio station has enabled students and staff to concentrate on the programme content without having to worry about technical operation.

Anyone looking to deliver media or radio qualifications should consider Synergy equipment"

Glasgow University install their second Synergy system

By Les Johnstone | Radio in education news | May 2012