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By Edward Williamson | Radio in education news | April 2012

No.1 choice on the market for a school

Having spent a number of months investigating broadcast solutions from a number of suppliers, we decided to pursue the S-Radio studio by Clyde Broadcast. We were taken by the magnitude of products on offer for Educational establishments that are heavily linked to the commercial radio industry. Clyde Broadcast demonstrated the knowledge of what is required for a school radio station to be successful and integrated within the curriculum. This company is backed up by a skilled team of engineers and education professionals, thus meaning top of the range products and equipment that really fits into the educational sector.

We have a purpose built Radio Studio which, although a little small, we were determined to make a success of. Our school strap line is Believe, Aspire, Achieve and we were determined that the students would aspire to be part of this project. The S-Radio package was too big for our studio, this though was not a problem for Clyde Broadcast. They measured the room and designed bespoke custom made furniture which I have to say has really made the room even more special.

I feel that there are many positives but one main one is how simple the system is to use. We had one days training and were instantly at home with the system. It is something that has been designed so well that it can be picked up quickly and students can use it within a small amount of time. It turns out that our trainer is actually a teacher from another school who used to broadcast on the BBC! He also uses a Synergy system to teach media. He was very friendly, helpful and was happy to share his wealth of knowledge and industry tips!

We went into the project thinking that these systems would cost the earth and may not be financially viable – I couldn’t have been more wrong. Clyde may work on several commercial projects each year but that doesn’t mean that Education is ignored, in fact it is quite the opposite. Everything is thought about very carefully and they are very much aware of the budget constraints on schools – especially so during these hard financial times.

I would recommend anyone who is serious about running a radio project to speak to Clyde. They have a unique and unrivalled knowledge within commercial radio and translating this into systems for Education. They have been nothing but supportive, professional and inspirational throughout our project. We have had our system for just over a year now and the support is continuous and free!

We are very happy with our system and cannot commend Clyde Broadcast enough for all their help and support. In addition we have purchased a Studio Indicator Display system and extra PCs for students to do research and scheduling for their shows. We have also designed a logo for our studio and have this printed on our acoustic tiling! From September we also have a new member of staff to support the Radio Station as it continues to grow.