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Sandhurst School in Bracknell use a Synergy School Radio system. Since its introduction we have made fantastic progress with its expansion, year on year.

I am an FL teacher so I use the radio station to create learning resources for my students, interview exchange students and have even created whole radio shows in other languages. After a lesson or two, the pupils are operating the equipment by themselves.

Our department has seen a marked improvement in the students vocabulary, confidence with speaking and general interest and engagement in the subject.

What I still find so amazing about our Synergy Radio system is that from day one, our students were broadcasting; before school, at break times and also at lunch time. Different days of the week have different themes and music styles so the radio shows always sound interesting! 5 Years have past and the use of the radio station is still continuing to grow.

In recent months we have signed up to broadcast for the next two years on MW 1556 partnering with Eagle Extra. In addition to the radio shows that are broadcast within the school, Eagle enable us to broadcast to an even larger audience on Wednesday evenings at 7PM.

By Andy Doree | Radio in education news | April 2012

Using radio to develop language skills

For the past couple of years we have been hosting 'Live Friday' where pupils sing and play musical instruments LIVE, like a live lounge, it really is well supported by the whole school and is a great way to expand on the brilliant work our music department do.

I can't thank the guys at Clyde Broadcast enough for their continued support and enthusiasm over the years. Our software has been upgraded a couple of times, free of charge! and their sales rep Darren Dixie often pops in or phones me to check on our progress.

If your interested in starting a radio project, you can't go wrong with a Synergy School Radio system.