Enterprise allows events to be tagged as 'Start-on-time'.  On Air activates a count-down timer to alert the presenter to fourth coming start-on-time events, to allow them to adjust the timing (or not) of preceding events.

When in Automation and there is no presenter, the system ensures that the correct start-on-time is observed, and if that means cutting short the preceding item, it is automatically faded out.

This feature is very powerful for those stations running on a small budget and with limited staff.  Voice tracking enables a presenter to record their links and insert them between two scheduled events, as though they were broadcasting live!  Ducking of audio can also be set, producing a more live feel.  

Once all of the links have been recorded the show is saved.  Enterprise can then start the show at a pre-determined time - without the aid of a presenter.  This feature is used a lot for overnight, weekend and some festival dates when the station is likely to be closed or staff are on holiday but want to create their show in advance .

News and other feeds originating externally (e.g. via satellite receivers) as sources to the mixer can now be scheduled as 'virtual faders'.  When in automation these sources will always be turned on and off at the correct time regardless of whether the fader is open or not.  This is the true power of Synergy, a fully integrated digital technology.  It is not easy, in most cases not possible to do this with a disperate mix of software and hardware.

The Enterprise Scheduling module is used to create clock templates - a sequential series of 'events' which define the content for that hour's broadcast.

Events can be instructions to playback files from the Library - music, ads, jingles, etc or instructions to the presenter to undertake 'live' actions - read the news, weather or travel updates, take phone calls, interview guests etc.

Once a clock has been created for a show, it can be tagged to an hour of a day and automatically load on future days, creating a Monday - Friday Breakfast show clock for example.

As with the Professional version of Synergy software, Enterprise On Air has two principal modes of operation - Live Assist and Automation.

Whilst in Automation, if under-scheduling is detected, which may not have been picked-up during the scheduling stage, the system automatically inserts an item from an 'emergency pick list', to prevent dead air.

Start-on-time events

Voice tracking

Virtual faders

Clock and event templates

Dead Air prevention