Have you ever wondered how good radio presenters manage to speak over the introduction to a track of music, then stop just as the lyrics start?...Intro times are the secret.

When copying music tracks into the audio library, Intro times can be set to tell the presenter when the vocals begin.  Every time the track is played a bar and timer countdown on the screen, indicating how many seconds are left.

In addition to knowing when to speak, title, artist, album, genre, release date and other MP3 tags are automatically added if present.  Additional notes and information can also be added, giving the presenter access to plenty of useful research.

The latest release of On Air includes audio looping.

Looping enables any piece of audio played from a cartridge, to be looped.  This will repeat the playback of the audio until stopped by the presenter.

This features is very useful for backing beds and short clips of music that you want to hear for longer periods of time.

Next to every event within the playlist is a time.  This tells the presenter what time their features will play.  In a mode call Automation, the playlist can run exactly to time, in Live Assist mode it is the responsibility of the presenter to play the audio at the correct time.

For radio services broadcasting over the internet, On Air will keep a log of every item played, so this information can be exported and sent to licensing authorities.

On Air has been designed for touchscreen operation.  Over the years, our corporate division at Clyde Broadcast have supplied every national commercial radio station in the UK and for the past 12 years, every On Air studio we have created has used touchscreen technology.

To give schools the best possible start in radio, every education package we supply includes a 22" touchscreen monitor.

Presenter Intro times and notes

Looping audio

Timed events

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