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Key features

• Easy to use - drag and drop

• Optimised for touch screens

• Full integration with the S-Radio mixer

• Presenter Intro and outro times

• Presenter notes and Information

• Loop cartridge audio

• Talk-over events

• Play from file

• Quick record / export to podcast

• Live Assist and Automation modes

• Load pre-made schedules

• Audio start time indication


Playout software that is changing school radio forever.

On Air is the software used by the presenter to run and record a live radio show.  It can be controlled using the touchscreen, S-Radio mixer or keyboard and mouse.  Unique to On Air is its simplistic design, powerful features and integration with the S-Radio mixing desk.  

Quickly add audio to the playlist and arrange its order using drag and drop movements.  Clearly see what's coming up next, how long the presenter has to speak before "crashing the vocals" and preview future tracks - all whilst broadcasting live!

There are two versions of On Air: Professional (designed for primary and secondary schools) and Enterprise (suitable for broadcast qualifications at the highest level and commercial radio stations).  Upgrades to Enterprise are free of charge as your station develops and both enjoy lifetime software updates and support.