Production is compatible with industry standard audio file formats including MP3, MP2, WAV and OGG.

Through Production audio CDs can be ripped, imported and transcoded, helping to save on valuable hard disk space.

All of our education packages are able to import from CD, USB and network devices.

Once your audio has been copied onto the radio station's PC, simple production steps enable the audio to be prepared for scheduling and broadcast.

Setting Intro, Outro and Link points for audio files, then adding information and notes about the music will all help the presenter to deliver a professional performance.

All audio once produced will live in the Library.  The library has four main categories: News, Music, Jingles and Adverts.  Each category can be further classified to include information such as Music Genre and Music Release Dates, or Breakfast Show Jingles and Lunchtime Show Jingles.

Import audio to your radio station

Set presenter intro times

Manage your audio library