Scheduling is one of the more sophisticated pieces of software a radio station will use.  Programme managers who typically use the scheduling software are some of the highest paid employees of a radio station.

Commercial scheduling can be extremely detailed and time-consuming to learn, which is why our standard 'Professional' software has been designed from the ground up, to make this process simple - perfect for primary and secondary schools.

Drag and drop your playlist together and easilly insert auto-pick items for the scheudler to populate some items such as music for you!  It takes just minutes to build your first radio show from scratch.

Key features include:

• Timed events

• Automatic music and jingle picking

• Play-out logging

• Create playlists and playlist templates to re-use

• Play 'direct from file'

• Create live mic events and presenter notes

• Create cartridges

• Save and print your schedules

Let the Scheduler do the work!

Creating a playlist template for each of your radio shows is quick, simple will make regular shows more sustainable and enjoyable for your pupils.

Automatic Music and Jingle Picking is used in combination with manually chosen audio tracks to enure the process is fast and offers everything your listeners want to hear.

Simply insert a Music Pick item and set the criteria for the pick.  Criteria can include Genre and Class, like Pop or Rock or A'list and Top 40 choices.  Everytime you run the schedule for that show, a new track matching your pick will be chosen for you - easy!

Check what music, jingles and adverts were actaully broadcast using the Scheduler's play-out logging and reporting tools.

If you plan to broadcast live copyright music on-line or over the airwaves, then you will be required to log the amount of music tracks broadcast.  The Scheduler will do this task for you.  It can also provide proof-of-play for sponsors, detailing when their adverts were played.

Easy radio scheduling

Auto Pick Lists

Radio playout logs