CATS 2 panels can be used to reduce the reverberation (amount of sound reflection) within almost any room

With excellent absorption characteristics across the voice-band (frequencies between 300Hz and 3.5kHz), CATS 2 panels are perfect for use in radio and speech-recording studio and booths, and are ideal for reducing the 'hard sound' of board, meeting and interview rooms.

Sound like a pro

Each panel is 1010mm x 610mm, and may be mounted either horizontally or vertically, against a wall using the supplied brackets and screws.

Alternatively, they may be hung in a similar manner to pictures, or even suspended from the ceiling on wires, above a reflective surface such as a mixing console for example.

The panels are approximately 60mm deep, cloth covered with black metal protective surrounds  Four standard colours are available as shown to the right, but almost any colour can be supplied aainst a minimum order quantity of 50 panels.

Easy to install