This robust technology enables you to create a realtime link between your radio studio and listening audience - without the labour cost typically associated with running audio cable from studio to speakers.

Are your listeners in another building on the schools site? Perhaps your school canteen is on a different floor to your radio station?  So long as there is a network connection between the radio studio and the area where your speakers are, audio over IP can be achieved in minutes.

Connect multiple areas in minutes!

In advance of your radio studio and audio over IP boxes being delivered, we ask that your network manager send us a couple of IP addresses.

A pre-made audio cable connects the radio studio to the Audio encoder, which with a static IP address, encodes the audio and puts it into your network.  

The audio decoder can then be connected to any data socket on the same network and looks for the IP address of the encoder.  The audio is decoded and can be connected to your amplifier or powered speakers for a live link.

More than one decoder can be purchased, enabling multiple areas to connect to the one Audio encoder.

How it works


Audio encoder (IN)


School network

Audio decoder (OUT)


Amplifier and speakers