Portable recorders are a great addition to a school radio station.  Enabling 'roving reporting' the DR-07MKii sets a new standard of light weight, high quality, low cost hand-held recorder.

With its thumb operation, built-in microphone and speaker for instant record/playback, the DR-07MKii offers ease of use and simple features that every school will appreciate.  

Available on its own, or as part of the Senior Reporters Kit for £249 + VAT.

Make recordings away from the studio

A pair of cardioid condenser microphones handle high sound pressure levels and can be setup in either XY or AB configurations.

The XY configuration is suitable for live interviews, where a more directional sound is required and field recording where ambience noise may exist.  The most common use for a portable reorder within a school environment.

The AB configuration is ideal for live music recordings, interviews with a groups of people, news gatherings etc when the sound if not so direct.

AB and XY microphone configurations

The Senior Portable Recorder Kit we have created to get the best quality recording and monitoring when out on location.

In addition to the portable recorder, the Senior portable recorder kit includes a Clyde AV107 guest microphone, cable and a pair of DT231 professional hadphones.

Senior portable recorder kit   £249 + VAT