Skills such as how to correctly use the mixer and microphones will allow the learner to create professional sounding recording and experience what it is like to be a radio DJ.

Lessons also include creating news and weather reports, editing audio, what makes a good presenter and the difference between popular presentation styles, broadcast licensing and programme scheduling.

Working both independently and in teams, the learners final challenge is to create a 30 minute radio show.

Developing skills

This RadioStar course teacher learners about the captivating area of radio production.

Within the course, the learner will be taught through a series of on-line videos and stunning animations how to use the S-Radio and Synergy radio studio equipment to produce, create and present high quality radio shows, as well as develop their own skills as radio presenters.

Designed in partnership with Synergy School Radio

As learner complete the course lessons, tasks and challenges, their progress is tracked through a ground-breaking virtual learning environment (VLE).  When learners work is ready to be assessed, an email is automatically sent to either a teamer of qualified assessors (additional charges apply) or to an appointed A1 assessor within your school.

Assessors can leave comments, feedback and grade the learners work from within the VLE, helping you to identify when students are ready to be registered for the certificate.

Assessment and the NCFE