Discover first-hand what happens behind the scenes - present your very own school radio show!

The Radio Broadcast Workshop provides a unique opportunity for you and your school to create your very own radio show, using professional broadcasting equipment brought directly to you.

Taking students away from conventional classroom based learning, the radio workshop opens up a new way of approaching the curriculum through a series of fun, hands-on and highly stimulating activities.  Harnessing the latest technologies, your learners will use a portable radio studio to actively engage in innovative e-learning, making for a very memorable school day.

Experience the magic of radio

Students can demonstrate understanding of an area of the curriculum by creating content for a radio show.

An endless array of subject areas can be readily brought to life by the nature of this medium.  Imagine a twenty minute - one hour radio show on what pupils have been studying rather than the norm of an essay, report or slide-show presentation.

Access learning in a whole new way

In addition to the outcomes address unique to your chosen subject area or show theme, learners will develop the following journalistic and functional skills:

• Presentation               • Speaking and listening

• Script writing               • Addressing an audience

• Research                    • Interviewing

• Team work                  • Confidence building

• Working to time          • Working to time

Develop skills

With over a decade of industry experience working for the BBC and also over a decade of teaching radio production at colleges and universities within the UK, your Synergy School Radio professionals have a wealth of broadcast and teaching knowledge to make your radi oworkshop both education and reflective of a real broadcast experience.

From start to finish, the radio workshop guides learners through the process of how to plan, prepare and present their radio show, with clear step-by-step instructions and support materials that allow for application at all academic levels.

Delivered by experienced professionals