SID is a stand-alone software application that offers high impact low cost studio indication together with low cost synchronous time and date display, with the added bonus of scrolling text and news messaging.

Using standard low-cost wall-mounting flatscreen displays, this simple softare application runs in the background on virtually any studio PC, and the source of time can be synchronised to either station-wide reference (GPS interface) or to the local PC.

It is also possible to display SID via a networked monitor, enabling all PC/monitor combo's commonly used for digital signage to display SID around a schools building.

A modern alternative to indicator lights

The latest version of SID includes a live News feed.  Received via an internet connection, there are many channels to pick from including; Sky, BBC, Reuters News and of course CNN.  There are also many regional stations.

Live News!

Both analogue and digital displays are offered (user selectable) and as standard, the on-screen displays, typically for Mic Live, On -Air and Phone, with user configurable text, background colour and display type - flashing, burst and solid.

Choose between analogue and digital clocks