The BB3 is a low cost high quality telephone hybrid, also know as a Telephone Balance Unit.

The BB3 provides the interface between a broadcast audio mixer and a 2-wire analogue telephone line, or in many cases these days where an analogue line does not exist, a mobile phone is included.

This allows 'live' phone-ins, whereby a caller may be put to air without compromising the quality of the presenters voice.

Phone conversations can be recorded, in advance of a broadcast or sent straight to air.

Record or send straight to air!

Automatic gain circuity on both feeds to and from the mixer ensure that the optimum line level is maintained under a wide range of signal conditions, preventing overload and maximising intelligibility.

Great quality, all of the time

Once a call is answered, using the handset connected to the unit, the call be diverted, either by pressing the switch on the front panel or under external control.

A user-option allows the DJs voice to suppress that of the caller - with a 'ducking' action.

The BB3 also includes a ring detector, with an output to an external call indicator, such as the Clyde Lumion Light or the Studio Indicator Display Software

How does it all work?