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Equipment you can setup

            on a classroom table

Starter radio packages

These packages are perfect for those wanting to start a radio project on a tight budget.

The new Desktop Package includes everything you need to setup a radio studio on a classroom table.  Complete with installation videos, getting started guides and of course our 'Essentials Collection' of training materials.  2018 Also sees the launch of our Curriculum Resources for Primary Schools!

The Desktop Plus Package is a mini radio studio, complete with the same all-in-one touchscreen as the Desktop.  The Plus includes specialist technical furniture to house all of the equipment and offers a 'wow factor' to the overall look and feel of the equipment.

All of our education packages include:  UK delivery, training, getting started materials and our lifetime support package

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NEW! Everything you need to start a school radio project at your school.  Self installation required.

NEW! An upgrade from the Desktop Package, the  Plus includes studio furniture and a few more goodies!