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A radio studio you can wheel around a building.

The S-Radio Compact is perfect for those schools with limited space and and where flixibility of location is required.  Simply wheel into a classroom or studio, connect to a single mains socket, then switch on.  With no assembly required, the Compact package can easily be relocated for project days and sharing with others.

What's included?

• S-Radio professional broadcast mixer

• Industrial Rack-mounted PC (1Tb + 1Tb RAID)

• Full S-Radio software suite

• 22" Touchscreen monitor

• Professional CD Player

• 3 x Microphones

• 1 x Anglepoise and 2 x banquet mic stand

• 3 x Professional headphones

• Dual Mic Live / On Air Indicators

• Stereo monitor speakers with subwoofer

• Streaming solution

• UK mainland delivery

• 1 x Days training

• Lifetime support package (See below)

  • Front

  • S-Radio Mixing desk

  • Dual On Air / Mic Live Indicator